Marketing Operations & Strategy

Digital marketing offers organizations a wide range of channels, tactics and technologies to leverage to make the most of their marketing budget. Knowing how to create the an efficient and optimized strategy for producing the highest ROI is what I’ve been doing for over a decade.

My experience varies from search and affiliate based lead arbitrage business models to enterprise-level lead generation and nurturing for sales cycles that can take up to a year. Every company I’ve worked with needs a slightly different mix and focus to make their marketing dollars go as far as possible.

Of course, strategy is nothing without execution. Working in startups throughout my life I’ve learned that building processes and finding the right team and technoloy is the only way to make marketing work as efficiently as possible. Whether it’s designing systems that let single employees run email and social marketing services for hundreds of companies or creating step-by-step processes for setting up sales funnels so they can be launched in hours, not days or weeks, building efficient marketing operations is where I excel.