Search & Display Advertising

If there is anything I’ve learned when it comes to paying for traffic on the internet it’s:

  1. Make sure you are targeting the right people with the right message in the right stage of the buying process
  2. What you do after an ad is clicked to convert a visitor to a lead or a sale determines your success or failure

I’ve run successful search engine marketing campaigns with annual budgets over $1 million in the past, but the reality is that high competition and prices on networks like Google AdWords can make search engine marketing less profitable than other paid channels in a number of industries.

Capitalizing on the segmentation and targeting that’s available with platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook make it possible to target individuals based on interests, job title, industry and even by company.

Better yet, using technology like remarketing/retargeting, even the smallest company can have a massive presence by saturating the web with targeted branding and messaging on major websites your visitors go to everyday.